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  • Badhai Box 13,500.0061,000.00


    Your social obligations require you to be on-point and impressive with your yearly gifts? The Badhai Box is perfect for such a brief! Constructed with gourmet foods and traditional favors, this gift box is sure to impress.


    • MDF Wooden Trunk Box with gold foiled with traditional print and matte finish
    • Box of Mini Cookies
    • Box of Dry Fruits
    • 2 Rangoli/Kollam festive coasters
    • 2 tea light Candle Holders
    • Texture Finish 350 GSM textured Diwali Card
    • Scented Paper Fillers
    • Cost For 10 – 1350, Cost For 25 – 1283, Cost For 50 – 1220


  • Budget Box 10,500.0047,250.00


    The Budget Box is the perfect celebratory gift set by Petikaa Gift Studio. Unboxing of the hamper gives you a delightful experience.


    • Lotus print rigid box with gold foiling
    • Golden jar of assorted dry fruits / Almond Dragees
    • 2 MDF Lotus shaped tea-light candle holders
    • 2 kolam/ Rangoli Coasters
    • 300 GSM Lotus Print Diwali Card
    • Scented Paper Fillers
    • Cost For 10 – 1050, Cost For 25 – 997, Cost For 50 – 945


  • Celebrations Trunk 13,800.0062,250.00


    The perfect corporate Diwali Give away, this box is a mix of something sweet, something fun, and something luxurious. Indulge in the perfect Diwali celebration with this harmoniously curated Celebrations Trunk.


    • Recycled MDF trunk box with decorative ribbon and brand tags
    • 1 box of premium ECHO incense stick (Fragrance – Pulmeria Alba)
    • Box of Branded Peanut Brittle
    • Premium branded Honey Jar (200 gm)
    • Scented Paper Fillers
    • Optional Diwali Cards
    • Cost For 10 – 1380, Cost For 25 – 1310, Cost For 50 – 1245


  • Corporate Care Box 13,210.0059,650.00


    A care hamper is the most thoughtful gift you can give to your employees and with its marble finish box, the corporate care hamper by Petikaa Gift Studio brings you the perfect combination of attentive and meaningful gifts. Bring a smile on the faces of your employees or clients with this noteworthy Diwali gift hamper.


    • MDF Wooden Trunk Box with gold foiled marble print and matte finish
    • Pack of Premium Roasted Almonds
    • Pack of chamomile tea
    • Pack of Almond/Cashew Dragees
    • 1 Handcrafted Musk Soap bar
    • Scented Candle in Golden Tin
    • Marble Finish 350 GSM textured Diwali Card
    • Scented Paper Fillers
    • Cost For 10 – 1321, Cost For 25 – 1256, Cost For 50 – 1193



  • Corporate Diwali Kick-Starter 11,150.0050,000.00


    A Gift hamper that helps you kick-start the festive season and brings all the Diwali vibes and childhood memories, what more could one ask for? Celebrate with this unique Diwali Gift Hamper this festive season.


    • MDF Wooden Trunk Box with gold foiled and Modern ombre print
    • Box of firecracker Chocolates
    • Box of Motichoor Candles
    • 2 Lotus Tea Light Candle Holders
    • 2 Lotus Tea Light Candle Holders
    • Scented Paper Fillers
    • Texture Diwali Card with logo and message
    • Cost For 10 – 1115, Cost For 25 – 1060, Cost For 50 – 1000


  • Golden Grace 12,000.0054,150.00


    In most South Indian households, Deepwali means tradition and that makes the cultural fabric of the region. Amplifying on this, The Golden Grace Diwali Gift Hamper takes you inside the elegance of the Deepawali Celebration.


    • Premium Rigid box with traditional print and gold foiling. Packing Made better with classy ribbon and Floral work
    • Metal Pooja Diya
    • Metal Agarbatti Stand
    • Golden Potli bag
    • 2 decorative tea light candle Holders
    • 300 GSM diwali card
    • Scented Paper Fillers
    • Cost For 10 – 1200, Cost For 25 – 1140, Cost For 50 – 1083


  • Kapda box 1 13,790.0061,200.00


    Illuminate your gift receivers Diwali with this enchanting Kapda Box Diwali Hamper. This hamper truly embodies the traditional spirit of Diwali with occasion appropriate diyas and mithai box, wrapped in satin and lots of love. This hamper is also planet forward, making it the perfect gift for corporates, factories and other agencies looking for Diwali gift options that reduce the carbon foot print.


    • Premium Non-Breakable and planet forward Fabric Box
    • 2 metal Tea Light Candle Holders
    • Lakhsmi Bomb Chocolate Box / Mithai Box of your choice with FUROSHIKI satin wrap
    • 350 GSM textured customized Diwali Card
    • Scented Paper Fillers
    • Cost For 10 – 1379, Cost For 25 – 1310, Cost For 50 – 1224
  • Kapda Box 2 16,150.0072,800.00


    Tired of the same old boxes? Looking for something new? These fabric boxes stay true to luxury and tradition and make the perfect combination of festive goodness. They are so unique and carefully curated, that any person receiving these boxes as a gift is going to remember you for years to come. Gather all the compliments you can, this Diwali season by gifting this Diwali Gift hamper to your loved ones.


    • Planet Friendly Luxury Fabric Box
    • Patola printed decorative diwlai mat (Double side usage with two different colors)
    • 2 premium decorative tea light candle holders
    • 1 Matka shaped fabric box
    • Assorted dry fruits
    • 350 GSM textured Diwali Card
    • Scented Paper Fillers
    • Cost For 10 – 1615, Cost For 25 – 1535, Cost For 50 – 1456



  • On-The-Go Mini 413.00


    Looking for something pocket friendly and compact for this gifting season? Look no further! Our Diwali Mini’s are a perfect option for this kind of requirement and the On-The-Go mini is our best-seller, priced at a budget friendly rate.


    • Paper Bag with Window and Diwali Decor
    • Golden Jar of Chocolates
    • Golden Jar of Assorted Dry Fruits




  • Pichwai Box 19,600.0088,400.00


    While modernity is a fresh taste, some trends are evergreen – Like this beautifully curated Pichwai Diwali Gift Hamper. Not only is the look of the hamper traditionally fabulous, the contents also make one go ‘wow’.


    • Ultra-Premium Wooden Box
    • Patola Print Diwali Decorative mat (Double Side Usage with two different Colors)
    • Kolam/Rangoli Traditional Coasters
    • Lakhsmi Ganapati Idol
    • Echo Agarbatti
    • 2 Diyas
    • Patola Print Textured Card
    • Scented Paper Fillers
    • Cost For 10 – 1960, Cost For 25 – 1862, Cost For 50 – 1768




  • Raja Ravi Verma Box 17,350.0078,350.00


    Artistic and elegance, this Diwali Gift Hamper is beyond beauty and takes you on a rollercoaster into the lanes of Indian Festive Traditions. The hamper curation speaks for itself and helps you with your perfect shubh-arambh wish.


    • Wooden Box with Raja Ravi Verma Prints inside box window
    • Metal Lotus tea light candle holder
    • Patola Print decorative diwali mat with double side print
    • Shubh-labh Door Hanging Set
    • 2 premium incense Stick Boxes
    • Bandhini Printed 350 GSM textured Diwali card
    • Scented Paper Fillers
    • Cost For 10 – 1735, Cost For 25 – 1648, Cost For 50 – 1567


  • The Basic Corporate Box 9,650.0043,550.00


    Sticking to Diwali Basics, this box brings you everything that speaks Diwali – A decorative elegant box, dry fruits and something sweet and long lasting – Honey! Imagine this compact Diwali Gift Hamper with your company logo…isn’t it sure to bring a smile on your employees faces?


    • MDF trunk box with assorted traditional print and gold foiling
    • Best wishes cardboard box filled with assorted dry fruits
    • Premium honey glass jar with decorative top (100 gm)
    • Scented paper fillers
    • 350 gsm card with client logo and message
    • Cost For 10 – 965, Cost For 25 – 917, Cost For 50 – 871



  • The Ruby Box 11,430.0051,600.00


    Perfect for Dusserha and Diwali gifting, The Ruby Box looks exceptional with its all-red and golden incluSIONS. It speaks festive and reflects a certain joy that is bound to bring a smile on the receivers face.


    • Ivory Rigid Box With Decorative Ribbon And Brand Tag
    • Bandhini Potli filled with Assorted Dry Fruit
    • Bandhini Potli filled with festive Murukku
    • Metal Lotus Tea Light Candle Holder
    • Decorative Shubh-Labh Wall Hangings
    • Scented paper Fillers
    • 300 GSM Texture finish Diwali Card with your logo/ family signature
    • Cost For 10 – 1143, Cost For 25 – 1085, Cost For 50 – 1032


  • Wax Seal Box 7,900.0035,600.00


    The wax seal box by Petikaa Gift Studio adds a unique touch to your branding with custom-made and beautiful logo seals. The hamper comes with multiple gift options to choose from.


    • Customised Wax Seal with Comapny Logo
    • Premium Rigid Box with Festive Print
    • Wax Sealed Best Wishes cardboard Box filled with Assorted Dry Fruits / Almond Dragees
    • SECOND GIFT OPTIONS – Shubh-Labh Door Decor / Scented Candle/ Customised fridge Magnet/ Positivity Cards Deck/ Motichoor Candles / Kaju katli Candles/ Bath Salt with company branding/ Coasters or Premium Honey (100gm)
    • Scented Paper Fillers
    • Diwali Card 300 GSM paper
    • Cost For 10 – 790, Cost For 25 – 750, Cost For 50 – 712


  • White Elegance 14,400.0051,400.00


    This is a thoughtfully curated Diwali gift box combining tradition with modernity. It reflects a blend of aesthetics with tradition. It is perfect for both corporate and non-corporate gifting. Enjoy this gift hamper of ‘budgeted luxury’ this Diwali season with Petikaa Gift Studio.


    • White and Golden leather Texture box with satin rose wrap and pearl decor
    • 1 Premium Incense Stick (Jasmine Fragrance)
    • 1 Elegant decorative ceramic showpiece of Roman Goddess. Perfect for modern decor
    • Ceramic Crinkled Jar for workstation
    • Ceramic Lotus Bowl for storage
    • Customized Diwali card
    • Scented Paper fillers
    • Cost For 10 – 1440, Cost For 25 – 1083, Cost For 50 – 1028
  • Wishes Box 9,700.0044,000.00


    Encased within the Wishes Box is a luxurious selection of home décor items and decadent delicacies making this the ultimate gift hamper for friends, family and corporates this Diwali Season. The hampers inclusions are customizable for bulk orders. Pick Any of the below mentioned 2 fillings for the box and experience exceptional quality at every step of the unboxing.


    • Premium Rigid box with traditional print and gold foiling. Packing Made better with classy ribbon work
    • Shubh Labh Decorative wall hangings
    • 2 premium paper boxes with best wishes message and wax-sealed look
    • Options for box fillings (PICK ANY 2)- Chocolates, Almond Dragees, single dryfruit without flavor, assorted dry fruits, soan papdi or Premium peanuts
    • 300 GSM Diwali Card
    • Scented paper fillers
    • Cost For 10 – 970, Cost For 25 – 921, Cost For 50 – 880



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